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Tight shoulders are easy to identify as they cause a rounded upper back and is the beginnings of poor posture. Slouching for prolonged periods of time in front of the computer is the main reason for the shoulders to tighten, it is usually combined with a limited range of motion around the neck too, sound all too familiar?


Yoga for Shoulder Pain to Help Your Arms Move Freely

Stiff shoulders tends to compromise the length of the spine which disengages the core muscles and further exacerbates poor posture. Take a top down approach by releasing the tightness around you shoulders and opening your chest with these effective stretches:


Paddatonasana arms

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Interlace your hands behind your back trying to keep your wrists as close together, micro bend your elbows if you have hyper mobile joints


Garudasana arms

P-013_Inspire-Neelam_5070 (2)

Wrap one arm over the other and move your elbows as far away from your nose as comfortable, repeat on both sides being mindful if one shoulder feels tighter than the other


Gaumukasana arms

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Classic stretch that helps to open the pectoral muscle and promotes shoulder mobility, often if you are right handed it’s more difficult for the hands to clasp when your right arm is down


If you would like more specialist attention and a tailored practice to address your neck, shoulders and upper back we have a customized program that does just that! Email info@inspire-yoga.com or call 91673376 for more details

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