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When we are in stressful situations and in toxic relationships, we can’t help but feel helpless, our thoughts get stuck replaying a negative feedback loop, reliving difficult experiences and feeling the hurtful emotions associated to the events. How do we move from feeling victimized to empowered? When we try to control our outside environments we soon realize that there is only a limited amount of force we can exert and actually we don’t have a say in how others think or act. However, when we move from blaming others as the source of our problem to reflecting within, it is how we are affected, how we respond and how we come across that govern our frame of mind and yet we relinquish total control of our inner environment to the ebb and flow of the external environment. 

Can you change?

Don’t you feel lost and insecure when you are stressed? And when you are peaceful isn’t it easy to feel loving, generous and kind? Our negative emotions are grouped together, fear, anger, loneliness, greed, anxiety, impatience all stem from the ego, the identification that I am separate from others. With this value at the heart of our thinking, we behave selfishly focused on our own self-preservation and survival. Aren’t you more resentful, upset, isolated if you feel your role at work is being threatened? When we are able to empower our thought patterns to be positive, it will spiral to positive emotions and lead to positive circumstances. Starting at the seed of self-love, a sense of contentment, peace, wholeness, we see ourselves as an extension of creation, united with our infinite potential. Then we are coming from a place of faith, of trust and compassion, we are able to wait, to tolerate to give, when we feel these uplifting attributes we behave to reinforce this feeling and our conviction of connection. How do reverse the causation from outer experience to inner experience? Meditation. How do we inner engineer ourselves to connect with our higher self? Meditation. How do we transcend our role as a victim to circumstance to be a creator of our destiny? Meditation.

It truly is a profound practice of meditation, and now that you are convinced how our experiences are determined by our mental frame of mind. Think about it, we have recently seen a multitude of celebrities commit suicide, they are surrounded by everything we are aspiring towards- they are models of beauty and glamour, in possession of so much material wealth and are famous worldwide – yet they are so depressed. It doesn’t matter what you have on the outside if you are not happy on the inside you’ve lost the joy in life. 

How it works?

Meditation is a system of heightening your awareness, first being mindful of your current tendencies, admit and declare what your self-limiting behaviors are only when you acknowledge what needs to change will you work towards it. Then choose how you would like to occur instead, this means you have a clear substitution, not that you eradicate your negative qualities into a vacuum but you are inspired to replace it with a positive quality instead. For example, moving away from restlessness into patience, think about it and charge it with emotion, feel the calm surrender of patience as you let go of the anxiety and judgment of restlessness. Visualize your new self, see in your mind’s eye how the new version of yourself conducts themselves, how you stand, how you speak, how you breathe, how you exchange with others. Then sincerely send gratitude to this new presence, say your thanks as if you are already being your new self. When we hold this feeling of gratitude, openness, and peace in our minds, we biologically feel lighter, more joyful and assured no longer having to run off the fight or flight stress response. The change in our body and mind affects our behavior to be more geared to the positive and shines our attention on the situations in our external environment to reinforce this frame of mind- this is the quantum law of attraction.

Through the practice of meditation, we can be aware of our inner environments to repeatedly create the reality that we crave, not only on a mental level but even to the effect of changing our outer environment. Watch wonderful things change when you change the way you are being, you are open to more opportunities, you attract more reasons to fortify your beliefs and become more resilient to negative stimulus steadfast in the positive inner environment that you have cultivated.

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