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As we bring in the new year, let us be reminded of one of the noblest qualities: truthfulness. A pivotal principles in yoga is to be grounded in truth. Living by the philosophy of honesty, does not only mean that you are against lying, it is also that you keep your promises, that you do what you say, and furthermore, that you say what you think, being honest with ourself is as, if not more, important than being honest with others. Satya, the principle of Truth outlined as a standard to proper behavior in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is truthfulness is thought, word and deed.


Hatha Yoga Poses can Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Yoga is about unity, uniting the body and the mind, so the code of conduct that yoga is based upon shares the same thread of unity, it unites a person in what thoughts and action. This gives us our personality integrity; we become strong characters, able to achieve what we set our mind to. As we live up to Satya, we become vigilant in aligning what we do, say and think to avoid any disconnect and hierocracy. This way, our actions reflect our beliefs and that is how we gain respect for ourselves. It lends a confidence and self assuredness because we are not trying to hide who we are or pretend to be someone else to gain support from others, we come from a place of sincerity and honesty.


Abraham Lincon is a character in history that reflects on the principle of truth. He had a strong conviction in truth, and despite obstacles he stood by what he believed in and abolished slavery in the United States of America in the 1850s. He knew that it was immoral and injust to allow slavery in his country and spoke from a place of truth, this gave him the power to change and allow freedom to thousands of surpressed communities. When we act from a place of truth, we are armed with courage and fearlessness as our actions reflect noble human values.


Recently, I have been touched by a Hindi talk show called Satyameva Jayte (the truth alone prevails). The host, Aamir Kahn, shines light upon social, environmental and often controversial issues that is affecting India. The show makes us aware of these lesser known practices so that we can function in society with an open an mind for the community at large and to make a positive difference by donation or service. The show changes our perspective, from focusing to our personal problem it makes us appreciate what we have in life, which we often take for granted. The producers have partered with listed companies for financial backing and NGOs for social support to cultivate a culture of change, they have a big social media presence to involve the current generation to ensure the future generations are in the know and actively defending the truth. For more information, please visit http://www.satyamevjayate.in/


Let us start this year inspired to be true to ourselves and be rooted in honesty. Living by this principle connects us to humanity and dissolves feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fear. We must start on the thought level and make sure we are feeding our minds with inspiring and uplifting energy so our words will bring love and happiness to others and actions will be directed by positive contributions and lasting fulfillment.

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