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stress affect your health

In this seminar we delved into the causes of stress and how we can manage our stress levels. 60% of Hong Kong’s labor force exhibits stress related health conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Highlighting the body’s flight or flight response was evolutionary built for survival to be activated in instants of life threatening situations, however now it is always on guard causing a severe epidemic of chronic stress.

This impedes other functioning systems in the body which results in suboptimal health in

-Digestive system

-Endocrine system

-Immune system

-Reproductive system

We are glad that companies are now taking more of a proactive approach to the need to manage stress levels to ultimately have staff with better health, fewer aches and pain and who are more satisfied at their jobs encouraging productivity and team spirit.

Corporate Wellness

The first step to making a change is to bring awareness of the problem, these seminars facilitate open discussion and reflection so we are more empowered to direct effort into healthier habits and more sustainable practice. We combine yoga and mindfulness with scientific research and findings for an effective workshop of embodied learning. For further information on our corporate wellness programs please click here



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