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Summertime Detox

The mantra for an effective and sustainable energy boost is to first slow things down. In our go-go-go lifestyle the daily rush has caused an overload to our adrenal glands, part of the endocrine (hormone regulation) system. They work extremely hard when under stress – they just keep pumping-out steroid hormones such as cortisol, estrogen and testosterone that are essential for health and managing stress. This results in adrenal fatigue where we feel constantly worn out and on edge.


Detox Yoga Helps to Recover Strength in a Natural Way

A great way to replenish our adrenal glands is to rehydrate, start your day with 2 glasses on room temperature water, this will replenish your nerves and give you much more lasting energy than a shot of espresso. It is important that you drink water that is warm or room temperature but not cold, regularly feeding yourself food or drinks that are below body temperature will slow down your digestive fire (Agni) with time. It is also recommended that you drink small amounts of water constantly throughout the day- about half a glass every hour, this will not overwhelm you kidneys and prevents constipation.


Keep your cravings in check: when you are tempted to grab a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee to keep you going enquire as to what your body is actually asking for. The sugar or caffeine provides an immediate spike in energy unfortunately as fast as you feel a surge the lull follows suit, in fact it leaves you feeling even more tired than before having the sugar/caffeine, thus begins the tragic addictive cycle of addictions to caffeine and refine sugars. What actually goes on physiologically is that when you feel tired the caffeine or sugars act as a stimulant to the brain, producing more hormones to keep you alert, these would naturally be produced in a situation of fear or danger, causing the body to react to the stressor. By constantly pumping these stimulants into our body we are creating more stress hormones, responsible for ‘fight or flight’ responses, so even if there is no danger the body is on overdrive. By succumbing to your cravings your are actually presenting more reason for your body to operate under stress. It’s much healthier to but as we all know as quickly as the it leads to a lull substitute sugars with a leafy greens, unsalted nuts and fresh fruit.


Give yourself time to undwind through gentle yoga practice. We offer the relax and restore yoga program which offers you the time to rest and replenish and release all that pent up tension. Restorative yoga postures are held for a greater length of time to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. It is great for remedying jet lag, strengthening the immune system and helps counteract the effects of a busy stressful lifestyle. Each class will close with a guided relaxation and deep breathing exercises to feel weightless in the body and centered in the mind.

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