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Hip and Shoulder Alignment

Annie led a fantastic workshop exclusively for Team Inspire to promote the value of sharing knowledge and learning from each other. She is part of the core team and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge of anatomy and yoga therapy. She guided the team through mindful movements, techniques in mobilization and joint stabilization- it was an afternoon that supplemented our current teaching styles and the team benefited from the deep dive into the principles of alignment. We are committed to continuous improvement understanding fully that as we gain individually in our teaching styles we are in a better position to fully serve our clients and helping them rehabilitate from chronic tension, postural misalignment and injury.


One of the main takeaways from this training was the importance of physical awareness and breathing patterns, Annie weaved in alignment of the body to calming and restorative breathing techniques to invite a calming energy to promote our internal mechanisms of self healing as we counter balance from high stress levels.



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