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The Founder of The Art of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is in Hong Kong hosting the organization’s “Happiness Program” from Aug 20-23.

The Art of Living combines yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. Sri Sri has created a program that encompasses breathing techniques as a cleanse, emotionally, physically and mentally. The premisis is that the breath links the body and mind and when we are able to rid outselves of the impurities of the mind by focusing on the calming and meditative qualities of the breath we inhibit the growth of disease in the body to fully replenish our energy levels.

We at Inspire Yoga have personally completed the course and learned the Sudhurshan Kriya and must attest that it is extremely powerful living up to all its claims. This technique coupled with a consistent yoga practice brings about a complete system of health and well being.

Not only are those who are stressed feel peaceful but those who are depressed are able to feel true happiness as well Do not miss this chance to experience this life altering program conducted by the master himself, to register please click here.

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