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We all wait for a special time to affirm a new way of being, whether it’s eating healthier, getting to bed earlier, exercising more, cherishing friendships more, learning a new language or a new instrument- there’s so many ways in which we can recreate ourselves. According to Forbes, studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail and many of people over the years have written about new approaches needed to achieving our big goals and resolutions, including naming them differently, approaching them differently and viewing them differently.

Why such a low success rate? I’d like to argue that it’s because the change has been artificially imposed by the start of a new year, if you want to change act on it now, while you are passionate and enthusiastic about the change, don’t postpone a good thing. If we are offended we pounce on the opportunity the spew out an insult, if we are disappointed with service we go the extra mile to write a formal complaint, if we don’t like the way someone carries out a task we are first to criticize…how come we act instantaneously on something that creates a negative ripple effect but starting something positive is something we delay?

Training ourselves instead to pause when we feel fuelled by a negative reaction and encouraging positive actions help us to spontaneously change, to live with love and let go of any animosity. When we can do this for ourselves, to change the lens we view ourselves from criticism to support then we are capable of doing this for others. Yoga philosophy clearly states that our outer environment is a reflection of inner environment, when we experience in our mind is what we experience in the world. We end up trying to change the outer environment and ignoring the root cause, can you really change things around you? Can you really change your parent, or your boss or your spouse? The real change happens from within, when you can accept yourself and enjoy in the silence within, then life truly becomes a celebration.

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Our one to one classes personalized yoga, meditation and breathwork sequences based on what you are looking for, whether it’s to improve your posture, relieve your shoulder stiffness, improve your flexibility or allow yourself active deep relaxation. Our team of teachers come to your home and personally guide each class. We start with physical goals and slowly through the practice you feel the effects on your energy levels and mood, you become much more aware of how you feel and what you need to respect that. A lot of our stress and frustration occurs when we switch off our physical intelligence and don’t respond to the cues our body is giving us, we depend on caffeine and sugar, distract ourselves, push harder to keep going when if we honour some time for rest our energy becomes much more sustainable, we’d be able to achieve much more in the long term with those breaks. Imagine a road trip where you didn’t allow the car a pit stop to refuel, there’s bound to be a breakdown midway! Don’t wait to get to this point, notice how your stress levels has increased over the years, isn’t it time you change how you treat yourself? We can help by offering at home private classes to meet your needs exactly, ultimately it’s a practice so you are empowered to take charge of your own well-being, to listen more carefully and sculpt a healthier relationship with yourself. If our actions were rooted in self love would we ever be in this high pressure, overwhelmed, overburdened situation? It’s time to address the root cause, are you ready to begin?


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