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Kindle the qualities of being good at heart- loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom- bringing genuine well being to others


Bringing happiness to others is ultimately the best way to guarantee your own.

Karma- laws of cause and effect, reminding us to adopt an altruistic and constructive attitude toward others and ourselves. This is not about applying rules and principles, but concerns awareness and the development of a compassionate nature. One aspect of compassion is a spontaneous readiness to act for the benefit of others.


Yoga Mental Health Can Bring You a Happiness with the Others

Wisdom is precisely that which allows us to distinguish the thoughts and deeds that contribute to authentic happiness from those that destroy it.  Dalai Lama explains ‘are we being broad minded or narrow minded? How we taken into account the overall situation or are we considering only specifics? Is our view short term or long term? Is our motivation genuinely compassionate? We need to think, think, think”


We therefore must put ourselves in the other’s shoes and try to imagine what it is like to be at the receiving end of our own behavior. Would you be your own friend? Is your own behavior reflective of what you expect in others? Be the example. Be the change you want to see in the world.


In the whirwind of daily life, we often feel so hurt and drained that we are too weak even to do exercises that would give us strength. Personalized Yoga Classes allow us to create some distance between ourselves and the world’s activity, bringing a new perspective on things, inviting peace and broad mindedness and to better understand they dynamic interplay of happiness and suffering. By finding our own inner peace we learn how to share it with others.


With greater awareness we clear the distortions of the psyche to give way to the correct vision of reality. The divide between subject and object vanishes when we realize the interdependence of phenomena, that we are all intrinsically connected to each other and to nature.


We need to ask if our spiritual practice makes us better people and contributes to the happiness of others. Embody the principles of peace and compassion.


Meditation brings a new perception of reality and of the nature of mind, about nurturing new qualities until they become integral parts of our being. Meditation is a skill that requires resolve, sincerity, and patience far more than intellectual panache.


We seek within ourselves a particular quality that we then allow to permeate our entire being until it becomes second nature. The word meditation means familiarization with a new way of being. We can familiarize ourselves with all sorts of positive qualities in this way- kindness, patience, tolerance- and continue to develop them through meditation.


Once inner well being is firmly grounded within us, it becomes easier to gradually extend its radiance to all those around us and to our social activity

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