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We feel scattered and confused when we are experiencing an inner conflict, you want to sit and meditate but your mind is all over the place, you are committed to your health but keep procrastinating exercise, you want loving relationships but find yourself becoming increasingly judgemental, the list goes on… what’s important is that we recognize the dichotomy first. We can’t change if we aren’t aware of what needs to be addressed. So go easy on yourself, and with a gentle awareness: is there a congruence with what I think, what I feel and what I do? Often we feel stuck because we are saying one thing, acting in a different way and feeling out of balance.


Confusion starts when there is a discord between the head and the heart, we can talk ourselves into one way or the other but the heart often knows what it supports, let it lead your actions, when you believe something from your heart, let your mind trust this, bolster your feeling with your intelligence, find reasons to endorse it and then go for it! This is the secret to finding an inner balance: align your heart, head and hands.


When we have a fuller understanding of ourselves and our purpose we are able to find a vision to work towards. When you don’t understand who you are you become filled with fear and regret, you often mull over all scenarios and options acknowledging that whatever course of action your take there are consequences attached to it, and this leads to inertia. We withdraw from our expanded selves and try to escape from our duties, inaction is tied to over analysis. Does analysis paralysis sound familiar? Have you wanted to just hide in a cave and throw away all your responsibilities? This indicates the disconnect between your heart and your head, and more often where you have numbed your feeling by identifying yourself as a small, limited, flawed person. Have you considered the wonder that you embody, the magic that keeps us alive, the connection we pulsate with all of nature? Don’t you feel hurt seeing someone else in misery? We isolate ourselves to just our physical body is doing an injustice to what your true potential is. Find the quiet within yourself and see how that peace is what enlivens this whole world, when the mind stops its chatter it is in that silence when you can hear your heart sing.


In order to align to your purpose it is essential you know yourself and have a clear vision. Getting to know yourself can be a process of unlearning, what you are not, just a bag of bones? Just your beliefs? Just your preferences? Just your family heritage? So much of who we think we are actually changes with time, look back and examine who you were 10 years ago and who you are now, so it can’t be your body, or your thoughts or ideologies, what amongst all this change remains changeless? In order to notice the flux we need a reference point that is constant, that point is your true essence. When you get clear of connecting to that Self, you you expand the vision of yourself, you stay single pointed without getting bogged down by conflicting desires, you are aligned to your purpose with your head and your head and your hands work in tandem to bring to fruition what you get your mind to, you find that when you can access that reservoir of peace all that you need comes to you.


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