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Prenatal Yoga Hong Kong

For those expectant moms, congratulations! Motherhood is a journey of the soul with pregnancy being a time of transformation. From body, to priorities to the way your home is set up, there are lots of changes in store for the arrival of your bundle of joy!


The Prenatal Yoga Classes Has Good Benefits for a Pregnant Woman

With the state of flux you are in, connect with your yoga practice for stability and grounding, you will feel much more ready for the changes when you build a routine around yourself that helps you cope with the transformation. Our private prenatal yoga classes package includes post-natal as well, working around your convenience we come to your doorstep, conducting the class in the comfort of your home. In light of your energy levels fluctuating with each stage of gestation no effort is required for you to commute to a studio, we have found at home classes are also treasured once your new born arrives so you can still nourish yourself through your yoga practice whilst being earshot of the little one.

Balasana- Child’s Pose

Prenatal Yoga

This is an excellent restorative pose for days when you are feeling tired or if your back feels sore. The gentle forward fold helps to relax the hip flexors which releases tension around the pelvic girdle. The effect on gravity helps the womb move downward, allowing the muscles around the lower lumbar to get an even stretch as the back is in a state of lordosis with extensive aching around the lower back in the last trimester especially when in an upright position. The forward bend is also incredibly relaxing to the nervous system as the forehead rests on the floor creating a gentle stimulus of the vagus nerve which calms down any flight or fight responses, this calming energy is certainly passed on the the growing baby at the same time

Setu Bhandasana- Bridge Pose

Prenatal Yoga

This pose is the most effective way of strengthening the spinal column during pregnancy. Holding a sustained arch engages the glutes and legs and as the hips lift to the level of the knees you should feel a gradual, smooth arching and equal strength through the back, this helps to address any areas along the spine where there is any acute flexing as this can be a vulnerable spinal segment leading to back pain. Most back strengthening poses require supine postures, but due to pregnancy lying on your front becomes uncomfortable lying on the back suspended in this pose makes it perfect in achieving the same spinal strengthening objective. This pose is also a great shoulder opener, while you squeeze the shoulder blades together, expand the chest and reach the hands towards the feet the posture of the upper back is supported helping to relieve tension around the shoulder and neck as well as correcting any forward hunching.

Virabhadrasana II- Warrior 2

Prenatal Yoga

This pose helps to engage the quadriceps and lower abdominals, strong legs and core brings more fortitude to the skeletal structure. Often the additional weight from pregnancy puts strain on the joints, especially the knees, standing poses that engage muscles protect the joints and with the abdominals active the pelvic floor and lower back is kept stabilized. Ensure the knee angle is kept to 90 degrees at most, the thigh should be parallel to the floor when you look towards your knee you should still be able to see your toes. The back leg should be straight with the heel and outer edge of the foot planted on the floor, this keeps the calf muscle lengthened which prevents muscle spasms which is particular common around the lower legs during the third trimester. Keep your arms strong and lifted, in this pose your arms are isometrically engaged where both the biceps and triceps are activated, it will also be good preparation for carrying your baby!

Whether it’s for yourself, your spouse or your have a friend’s baby shower coming up, private prenatal yoga classes are a treat for both mother and child.



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