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The joy and fluidity of a yoga class is felt most through a body free from pain, it is treated as a preventative from aches and pains ensuring your energy and form remains at its peak. The truth is yoga can be highly therapeutic as well, especially when postures are properly prescribed understanding exactly the individuals’ needs and capacity. These 3 yoga poses most effective to relieve tension around the lower lumbar region.












The result of back pain is due to sitting for extended periods with poor posture, lunge pose releases tight hip flexors and activates the muscles around the lower back to protect vertebrates L4 and L5



B-1301-02_Inspire_Olga Locust








Due to the spine being in a suspended flexion for a long time gentle and attentive back bending helps to realign the spine as well as strengthen the length of the spinal column



P-013_Inspire-Angela_5003 (2)








Locking in strength around the core belt and the glutes helps the body to learn better posture and maintain neutral spine in a sitting position


Our back care therapy yoga program helps to ascertain where the imbalances and asymmetries are along the spine to prescribe specific poses to strengthen intrinsic muscles that help to improve posture and release the excess weight borne the lower lumbar and sacrum. Our yoga therapy experts are highly trained in structuring a class according to the different factors attributing to the lower back pain to bring the most effective and personalized program. We address the root problem which is the poor posture that creates pressure on the spine resulting in pain, despite surgery if the posture is not improved the pain can resurface as the torso’s weight will remain unevenly distributed.

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