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It’s common knowledge that sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time doesn’t do wonders for your posture. Despite this, we have jobs that require a sedentary lifestyle, so what can we do about this? Yoga can provide an antidote to the occupational risks of being physically inactive at work by bringing more movement to your body and expanding your range of motion. To move and stretch is our natural tendency, look at a baby contort with such ease, they stretch, reach for their toes, hold their own weight while crawling, they even sleep in yoga poses! In fact babies have 300 ranges of motion, and as they become adults they are left with only 30. The flexibility, agility and balance fade with time as we don’t use our bodies for what it was designed for: activity.

On the bright side, yoga can reintroduce movement and flexibility by increasing the range of motion, training the muscles and the joints for more activity. Through dynamic sequences of yoga poses as well as static stretching to focus on your breathing we can provide an antidote for that sedentary lifestyle. Think of a regular practice as a vitamin for the body, giving your joints, muscles and ligaments what they need to supplement your current lifestyle.


These Yoga Poses are Very Easy & Effective for Your Posture

Here some poses that I would recommend if your are concerned about your posture.

Bridge Pose


This pose helps to open the chest and increases the strength around the lower back, perfect if you feel sore around your back from sitting at your desk all day

Cobra Pose


This pose is excellent to improve posture, it opens the chest, draws the shoulders back and strengthens the lower back, it’s an all in one after a long day

Staff Pose


This pose looks easy but is quite challenging, is requires a straight back, engaged core muscles and extended hamstrings, training the body how to maintain good posture even while in front of the computer

If you would like to start a regular yoga practice, we offer private classes where an experienced yoga teacher will conduct the class based specifically on what your body needs, each class will be held around your convenience and will incorporate elements of stretching, strength, balance and relaxation. Fill in the diagnostic questionnaire and we will contact you with a program designed exactly towards your objectives.

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