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here are 4 storiesWhat would it look like if we were grateful for our obstacles? If we could view challenges as opportunities to grow rather than points of resistance? Listen to this wonderful #podcastinterview in how entrepreneurs use difficult situations to accelerate business success. I’m grateful to Callum Laing for inviting me to share my story on the first episode of Callum Connects!

There are 4 stories in this micropodcast, I love hearing how Asian entrepreneurs overcome their challenges, now you can hear and be inspired by them too.

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In a time that we are facing, let us find our strength by turning inward! Moving from traditional in person classes to an online program to equip everyone with the tools to build their very own personal self practice, this is a time of personal empowerment. Have a listen to how we came up with this model from my own experience of stress and anxiety to a sense of peace and happiness.

Let me know if there is anything you are are stuggling with and would like more support on, currently the topics covered include relaxation, releasing emotional blocks, improving alignment, increasing energy, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness.


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