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unthered soul

For those who are interested in Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality, this book is a must read. Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer is a great practical application of highly theorized concepts, such as the idea of the self versus your self image or ego. It teaches us to delve deep to getting to know ourselves by simple meditations and find what lies behind the cloud of thoughts and emotions. Often we get so caught up with how we are perceived and how we need to be treated that the bigger question of ‘who are you?’ gets completely evaded.

The book details living with an open heart, and allowing ourselves to operate on a higher frequency of love rather than worry or stress than most of us spend so much energy with. By living in the moment Singer explains how we will full experience each moment without leaving lasting impressions on our subconscious mind which in turn taints our judgements and detracts us from being fully present. “Imagine if you were fully present during each experience of life that it was touching you to the depth of your being. Every moment would be a stimulating, moving experience because you would be completely open, and life would be flowing right through you.”

Living this way calls up a strong sense of openness and vulnerability that most of us are too scared to part with our preconceived notions of the ego to view each moment as if it were new with an open heart and an open mind. Singer goes on to explain that living this way is most liberating as we aren’t holding on to a mask to protect ourselves in each moment, this need to hide and pretend is the most contributing deficit to our energy. When we operate from a spiritual we are able to lift our energy and even the energy of those around us, have you noticed when you are so engrossed in the moment and loving what you are doing you feel more vibrant? This vibrancy has scientifically been translated to higher immunity, higher energy levels and lower cortisol levels.

The untethered soul is a great read because it gives us reasons and easy to follow explanations how why we do things in yoga. The focus on visualization, mediation, movement to synchronize with the breath, in yoga we bring together all our senses and faculties of mind and body to be fully present to the moment. It’s this connection to the now that will allow us to drop our false tendencies and come closer to our true selves. If you would like a more spiritually angles class on yoga philosophy and practice, please explore our customized programs.

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