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Inspire Yoga was invited to host Speaker’s Hour at Island School (part of the English Schools Foundation). The talk focused on how today’s youth can be more mindful regarding their posture to avoid any aches and pains in later years. We emphasized the importance of creating good habits, especially when we are working at a desk in front of the computer, our seated posture is directly correlated to neck, shoulder and back pain.  Some practical advice was given in terms of yoga postures that can be done to counter the effects of our sedentary lifestyles. As these students prepare for exams and university, we guided them through breathing techniques to release stress and help calm the mind. Attention to breath and the body is the founding principles of yoga.

Neelam, the founder of Inspire Yoga, regularly gives corporate talks about the effects our modern lifestyles and outlines effective ways we can feel more freedom in our movements and quietude in our minds. If you would like to arrange a wellness talk from Inspire Yoga please email info@inspire-yoga.com for more details.

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