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Yoga Asana and Awareness

To practice YOGA means to choose to evolve and produce transformations in the being, that will quickly become healthy and purified because of the energies that pass through the body. Even though this passing of the energy is produced, without a proper awareness of the processes that are triggered in our inner universe – when we do our practice – effects on the body, our psyche and mind are much reduced and it takes a longer period of time until energies become visible in the physical plan. The awareness of energies, which are received in our being, will purify by transformations of the body and mind.

Out of the whole complex of techniques and procedures that the YOGA system includes, the most well-known are ASANA-s, the body postures. During the practice of ASANA-s we will regard each body posture that we realize as a gate open towards profound spirituality. The practice of ASANA-s must be carried out in a perseverant, effortless and patient way. If the execution of each ASANA will be accompanied by the focus of the mind on that respective posture, we will be able to more quickly become aware of the effects that appear in the being.
Conscious breathing on everyday life

Being aware of the breathing, of the way in which the respiratory process develops, can help us tremendously outside the spiritual practice itself, in many moments of our everyday life.  Bring our asanas off the mat into our everyday moments.
To be aware means to be an observer

Observing all the events that occur within us and around us with great attention, lucidity and detachment, we will become more and more aware of ourselves and the surrounding reality. If we practice this technique of focusing into the Here and Now, it will bring us into a space of pause.  Instead of reacting to situation, we will response

Silence is golden

Watch these trees with great attention. Even they are meditating. Meditation, above all, is plenary silence, experienced at the ultimate essence of our being. If you are truly aware that you do not know anything, then you will find yourselves in a profound state of meditation.


One of the simplest ways is to focus your attention on the present moment.


The ordinary mind is permanently oscillating between past and future, using its experiences in order to project the future. Focusing on the present moment, opening ourselves and fully accepting the present moment, the mind will stop, making room for silence. It will be easier for us to access present experience, while fully enjoying the extraordinary benefits that come with it.



Article contributed by Elaine Tsang

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