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Yoga classes for preschools can be a great way to introduce young children to the benefits of yoga, such as improving flexibility, balance, concentration, and overall well-being

Starting next month we are thrilled to announce that Inspire Yoga will be providing kids yoga classes exclusive to the students of Eton House. Classes will be held on  Mondays from 3-4pm and 4-5pm, they are unaccompanied for 3 year olds and above. The classes are structured to be fun, social and interactive so that children build a positive association to healthy lifestyle habits from an early age.

Keep in mind that preschoolers have limited attention spans and may not be able to engage in extended yoga sessions. Plan activities that are fun, interactive, and suitable for their age group.

Keep the yoga sessions short, typically ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, to match their attention spans. You can gradually increase the duration as the children become more comfortable and engaged.

Yoga comes so naturally to children, from breathing techniques to flexibility, harnessing this potential in their early education means that they start with the ability to self regulate, being able to focus and calm down and release tension before it builds in the body.

If you would like to bring kids yoga to your learning center please contact info@inspire-yoga.com

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