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What makes you happy? Do you need a specific setting to be happy? Does it depend on a person, a place or a profession? If you had everything you need to be happy but had a fear looming at the back of your mind, could you still be happy? Does fear trump happiness?


One of the most striking definitions I have found of happiness is by Matthieu Ricard, after much contemplation in Nepal with Buddhist monks he explains “Happiness is a luminous appreciation of the present moment, which can extend itself into the next moment, creating a continuum that one might call joie de vivre.” Authentic happiness is not linked to an activity; it is a state of being, of profound emotional balance. Lasting well being is found so long as we remain in harmony with our inner nature. The bottom line is that happiness is a choice.


Unfortunately, this is a choice we don’t often make, by the age of 35, 15% of North Americans have experienced a major depression, since 1960 the divorce rate has doubled and juvenile violence increased by 5 times. It is clear that we as society, are loosing touch with our inner nature. You can choose to make the best of things and find that peace within or you can fixate on negative emotions that will incessantly cause sorrow- we incur suffering but we create unhappiness by constantly choosing to be unhappy.


Yoga for Relaxation Satisfy Your Feelings & Gives You a Real Happiness

When we think of happiness we usually confuse it with a excitement, however any superficial thrill that is not anchored in enduring contentment is almost invariably followed by disappointment. If happiness is indeed a way of being, a state of consciousness and inner freedom, there is essentially nothing preventing from achieving it. We don’t need anything outside of us to determine our happiness. We simply need to tune into ourselves. Yoga is tried and tested way of finding that connection, be it from watching your breath, deep relaxation to let go of worries and doubts or a delve deeper in meditation.


Luca Cavalli-Sforza assures us “Our inner freedom knows no limits other than those we impose on it or allow to be imposed on it. And that freedom also holds great power. It can transform an individual; allow him to nurture all his capacities and to live every moment of his life in utter fulfillment.”


In yoga we are taught to trust ourselves to draw our attention to our inner freedom and slow cut away any limits or barriers we have convinced ourselves of. We first work by opening the body, by feeling physical peace by releasing tension and stiffness. The journey then continues inward where we release any mental conditioning, to know and fully believe that we can achieve anything we set out mind to and that already have everything we need to be truly happy.

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