Back Care Yoga

back careThis therapeutic program is recommended for persons with chronic back pain, whether from poor posture, injury, sciatica, scoliosis or a slipped disk. The program is designed to relieve pain, tension around the spinal column and strengthen the complementary core muscles. Classes are slow-paced, with detailed focus on alignment and proper breathing. The result is improved strength and flexibility, pain relief and relaxation.

The program is structured to address postural misalignments along the back, focusing on crucial balancing of weight and strength along the right and left side and the upper and lower back, bringing about a lengthening around the spine. We will combine forward bends, backward bends, lateral stretches and twists to ensure the proper traction of the vertebral disks in all 6 directions of their natural movement. Issues with the pelvic girdle will also be explored in later stages to release any stiffness from the base of the spine, bringing notable relief to the lower lumbar region.

The spinal column needs movement to lubricate the joints and optimize their nutritional intake. To feed and lubricate the disks properly, it’s necessary to reverse the curvatures for brief periods of time, which yoga postures do gently and wonderfully.  Developing strong yet flexible muscles is perhaps the most crucial principle in back care.