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Children are born with immense flexibility, kids yoga practice will harness their innate flexibility to help keep a high range of motion as their bodies grow. This connection to their bodies helps them honor themselves as adults, more sensitive to their to healthy practices and equipped with mechanisms of coping with stress.


Yoga Poses for Kids that Easy & Enjoyable for Them

Here are the 5 most beneficial yoga poses that children will love!




This pose is fabulous in retaining hip flexibility, the hip joints typically lose 50% of it’s mobility as the child approaches 17 years. It also centers blood floor around the pelvic girdle, helping in reproductive functioning as the child nears puberty.


Table Top


This is a great pose to strengthen the arms, legs, core and back, upside down! You can get them walking backwards, the kids will love it! Children have natural mobility; this pose helps to bring more stability into their bodies in a fun and coordinated way.




Tree pose brings balance, focus and equanimity, what more can you ask for? You need a single pointed gaze to maintain the pose, have fun by swaying from side to side, like palm trees on a windy day!




This pose helps to open the chest, strengthen around the arms and shoulders and increase lung capacity. With the pollution only going up, it’s important that our little ones know how to breath correctly, deep soothing breaths helps oxygenation and purification.


Downward Dog


One of yoga’s most popular poses your kids will love this because it’s an inversion, seeing the ceiling while on the same level of your feet this pose is famous for a reason! It helps ecourage digestion, circulation and blood flow to the brain, challenge them by lifting one leg while in the pose!


Children learn best when they model behavior of their parents. Family yoga classes are increasingly popular, each member of the family can showcase their strengths, learn from one another and bond in a way where they are promoting healthy living for body and mind amongst the whole family. To arrange a family yoga class for your next weekend activity simply email info@inspire-yoga.com and we will be happy to send a kids yoga certified teacher to your home!

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