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Kids Yoga Packages

Kids Yoga

Are your kids slouching, emotionally charged and looking for support? We believe in the epigenetics of stress and children need our support in this fast-paced environment as they do not have information filters that an adult brain has, causing overwhelm and a dysregulation of energy and emotions. Yoga provides excellent coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, be it academic or social pressures that are children are facing. Using
mindful movements to realign posture and calming breath work to stave off anxiety your children will have the gift of self-awareness early in life in addition to the physical benefits of strength, stamina and flexibility.

We believe in harnessing a sense of fun and fulfillment in these classes, so all yoga poses and sequences are conducted in a game format to encourage children to love yoga and mindfulness from a tender age. The yoga techniques employed in this program are excellent for children with learning difficulties and special needs as it increases coordination and increases range of motion. The movements improve a sense of balance in the right and
left side of the brain that improve motor skills, memory and emotional stability, helping them develop into well-rounded teenagers.

Kids Yoga Objectives

  • Learn a variety of poses that challenge strength, flexibility and balance
  • Feel calm and centered by mindfulness-based yoga practice for children
  • Improvement in coordination and attention to synchronize movements with breathing
  • Regulate moods and meltdowns with better self-awareness and practicing energy resetting sequences
  • Gain discipline around stress levels and use yoga postures and breath work as a coping mechanism instead of suppressing pent up emotion
  • Strengthen young abdominal muscles to improve posture and mitigate stiffness around the back and shoulders
  • Improved strength, flexibility, and confidence will help your kids with other sports and activities.
  • Enhanced concentration and focus will help your kids in school.
  • Your kids will build confidence, self-esteem, and respect for those around them.

Kids Yoga Packages


  • Valid for 3 months


  • Valid for 6 months


HK$ 18,000
  • Valid for 12 months

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