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Breathing And Meditation

Breathing And Meditation

Need a solution to stress? This program brings you clarity of mind, stillness in your thoughts and a lasting sense of peace. Learn to breathe deep yogic breaths to optimize oxygenation to each cell of your body.

You will learn how to compartmentalize the breath in 3 stages; the chest, ribcage and abdomen. Breath retention will be introduced to improve lung capacity and different breathing techniques ‘pranayama’ will be taught to help balance your energy, calm the mind, and cool our over-worked systems. Bringing awareness to your breath and centering your mind in meditation helps to consciously relax and restore the balance both in body and mind. You will learn techniques to connect to your energy and feel emotionally light and spiritually lifted.

The meditation technique fosters an inner calm that comes from gaining awareness of the present moment, finding a mental silence and connecting to an positively charged intention. Brain waves during meditation mimics the physical state of deep sleep which is highly regenerative for cell growth and repair. Breathing techniques are designed to increase energy levels, reduce stress response and attain a emotional equilibrium, the breath practice will be structured around your exact needs to achieve the balance you are looking for.

Breathing and Meditation Objectives

  • Improve lung capacity by experiencing the 4 stages of breath and using breath retention exercises.
  • Learn different breathing techniques and discern when to use it to lift, relax and balance energy
  • Practice different meditation techniques, seated, standing and moving to instill mindfulness
  • Feel empowered to handle stress in a healthy way without internalizing or suppressing it.
  • Experience a free flow of energy circulate along your spinal column.
  • Gain awareness of each breath, where in the body you are breathing into and create a habit of directing deeper and longer breaths.
  • Maintain heightened posture to be comfortable physically in order to remain still for meditation for prolonged periods of time.
  • Enhance understanding of opposing energy flows of grounding and visualizing and how to balance the rhythm for optimal health and abundant energy
  • Achieve a greater sense of self awareness, emotional freedom and mental clarity.

Breathing and Meditation Packages


HK$ 6,700
  • Valid for 3 months


  • Valid for 6 months


HK$ 21,500
  • Valid for 12 months

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