Breathing and Meditation

Breathing and meditation
Learn to breathe deep yogic breaths to optimize oxygenation to each cell of your body.
You will learn how to compartmentalize the breath in 3 stages; the chest, ribcage and abdomen. Breath retention will be introduced to improve lung capacity and different breathing techniques ‘pranayama’ will be taught to help balance your energy, calm the mind, and cool our over-worked systems.

The Meditation Yoga Poses That Help to Relax Your Mind & Body

Meditation is the antidote to the fast-paced city life that we live in. This program will allow you to give yourself time to productively melt away layers of stress and anxiety built up from our urban lifestyles. The meditation technique focuses our mind on the sound and rhythm of our breath allowing us to achieve a state of silence, peace of mind. By striving to eradicate the whirlwind of thoughts in our mind we better equipping our mental faculties towards rational, logical and creative intelligence. Meditation helps to clear our mind and any emotional baggage that we might be holding to achieve a state of calm and steady concentration.

Bringing awareness to your breath and centering your mind in meditation helps to consciously relax and restore the balance both in body and mind. You will learn techniques to connect to your energy and feel emotionally light and spiritually lifted. We will work with ‘chakras’, the centers of energy in the body to ensure correct alignment and activation of all your energy channels.

If you have friends or relatives who would like to deepen their awareness of breathing and learn meditation techniques this is a great program to be conducted in a semi-private setting. Taking a holistic approach, you will all feel energetically connected after each class.