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Corporate & Workplace Yoga Benefits

Would you like to feel more relaxed in the office? Is sitting at your desk all day making you feel tight and tense? Inspire Yoga is a pioneer provider in Corporate Yoga programs in Hong Kong.

Typically we offer an expert yoga teacher to host weekly classes held in the convenience of your workplace shared among colleagues or exclusive yoga training clinics for executives.

The practice is open for all levels and aimed to relieve occupational tension and release stress. Yoga postures focus on freeing the neck, shoulders, back, and hips from stiffness and gentle mobilizations to improve circulation. Mindful meditations and breathing techniques help to restore balance, bring clarity of mind and elevate energy levels.

Each practice concludes with a guided relaxation to feel refreshed and energized for renewed motivation throughout your team.

Gain From Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Practices

  • ✓ Increase in job satisfaction
  • ✓ Decrease in absenteeism
  • ✓ Increase productivity
  • ✓ Reduce Stress Levels
  • ✓ Improve Posture
  • ✓ Enhance Energy
  • ✓ Diminish Metal Fog
  • ✓ Build Confidence
  • ✓ Promote leadership in work-life balance


Inspire Yoga’s Corporate Yoga Workshops follow a systematic model that combines education with experience. Research and scientific findings are presented to support the effectiveness of using integrative techniques to create lasting improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity.

A sustainable practice towards healthier balance, stress management and mindfulness in the workplace is founded on learning, awareness, and empowerment to self-correct and adapt tools to enhance wellbeing in body and mind.

In addition to regular on-site yoga and mindfulness classes held in the convenience of your office, our programs include wellness workshops that enhance the practice of awareness, meditative movements and conscious breathing around wellness topics such as:

  • Learn how to gauge and manage stress levels
  • Appreciate the importance of sleep and how to improve sleep quality
  • Switch off from technology and the benefits of a digital detox
  • Learn food choices that help boost concentration
  • Become a better leader by adopting a balanced lifestyle
  • Understand tension cues and how to improve alignment
  • Improve presentation skills to improve delivery and confidence
  • Enhance communication and idea generation through open dialogue

An integrated solution to health and wellness for your workforce. Our retreats combine techniques from yoga and mindfulness with whole food guidelines and positive psychology for healthy posture, mindful nutrition, and conscious leadership:

✓ Reduce Stress Levels: Awareness of breathing rhythms to feel calm and balanced
✓ Improve Posture: Functional movements to release tension and stiffness
✓ Enhance Energy: Insight to thought and sabotage patterns to gain focus and clarity
✓ Diminish Mental Fog: Learn how to optimize healthy meal and exercise choices
✓ Prevent Headaches: Importance of diet choices and hydration for concentration
✓ Effective Communication: Understand personality types to problem solve and share ideas
✓ Build Confidence: Manage values and belief systems to engender respected leaders

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