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Yoga is an excellent start to your healing journey, the practice incorporates twists, bends, stretches and arches all these movements do wonders to your spinal flexibility and strength. Although, group classes are more suited for the abled body, if you have an underlying condition err with caution before joining in on a full class of yogis. Have you ever looked at a yoga pose and thought ‘Ouch! If I even attempted that I know I’d be in pain’? You have every right to have reservations, not all poses are made equally! Some can be very helpful and beneficial for healing your back pain while others can seriously aggravate it. How do you know which do to and which to avoid? That’s when a trained eye comes in. Our private yoga classes are hosted one on one with you and an expert teacher to ensure every step of the way is safe and trusted. Not only do we guide you through each posture, we also tailor make the sequences to exactly suit your needs, giving you hands on adjustments, encouragement and variations to make sure you feel confident and comfortable throughout your practice. Now that we are transitioning back to working in the office, we know your schedule is busy and changing, not to worry- our dedicated teachers will fix a schedule with you that works around your convenience and will even come to your home to take the private classes. Talk about customized! We are taking out the discipline, thinking and commuting out of the picture so all you have to do is open the front door and your personalized class is ready to start.

We’ve had clients on the brink of getting surgery, seeing incredible results with just 6 months of consistent yoga practice his pain was completely gone and he didn’t need to do the spinal fusion which his doctor has previously recommended. He was an investment banker, in his mid 40s, stressed slightly over weight and hunched over his desk most of the time. Needless to say, he was reluctant thinking that his back pain was incurable but as a last ditch attempt before booking his surgery he decided on giving private back care therapy classes at Inspire Yoga a go, he found it challenging but at the same time so rewarding, each week he felt his tension start to release, he felt stronger and could even stand up straighter! 6 months in he was equipped with his own self practice, having understood his body and which parts seize up and which parts compensate he is able to manage any stiffness through simple practices on his own, even when he has to travel for meetings, it was a cure for life!

yoga for back pain

We work with the 6 axis of movement, primarily focusing on enhancing flexibility around the hips and hamstrings that pull on the lower lumbar and focus on building intrinsic core strength. A lot of the time however, our body is the last resort of manifesting stress, when we feel stress we often ignore it until it flares up and presents itself as pain or illness whereby it calls for immediate attention. Yoga helps you listen to your body more closely so you are able to let go of the stiffness before it translates in to chronic tension, this is done by mindfulness, heightening your awareness and physical embodiment. So much of the time, we live in our minds, unaware of what’s happening in our bodies, yoga helps us check in to the present moment and feel our physical state to address any stress we might be carrying. This process of mindfulness is harnessed by breathwork and meditation, both of which can be very intimidating for a beginner. Our private classes ensure that you feel supported by your teacher to slowly unravel the underlying stress that is causing the pain. This is different for each person, having an expert teacher with you privately can help uncover exactly how your body responds to stress, inspiring you to be compassionate with yourself to be open about your own pressures and the reassurance to let it go as we bring in movements and mindfulness to bring more freedom in your body. This freedom in movement come with a freeing mental framework that makes yoga what it is, a union of body and mind and a deeper connection with yourself to allow tremendous healing to take place.

All programs begin with a free consultation with the founder of Inspire Yoga, Neelam Harjani, with her 20 years of experience she will carefully curate your classes with her team taking a straight forward results orientated approach. Click here to get started, we are here ready to solve your back pain completely naturally and for good.

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