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Baby on the way? Neelam is a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor and can help ease away any worries you may have regarding pregnancy and the birthing process.

During this very delicate time, the body is undergoing rapid changes, in the womb, in its shape, and in hormonal excretions. Yoga helps keep you strong and prepared for the changes, both physically and mentally.

There are certain postures that should be avoided during pregnancy and others that reap major benefits to expecting mothers. Most importantly these poses differ based on each body type that is why it is very important that you get the full care and attention from a qualified teacher in a comfortable and safe setting.

Neelam’s prenatal classes include restorative postures for the sacrum and lower back and strengthening poses to ensure the right muscle groups are engaged to carry the increasing weight than hyper-extending or putting too much pressure in the joints. Breathing techniques are a focal point of these classes as it is extremely important that women connect with their natural rhythm of the breath as a calming mechanism, we also focus on opening the chest and shoulders to prepare for tightening around the ribcage that occurs in the later stages of pregnancy to prevent women from feeling short of breath and to ensure the growing baby is receiving a healthy supply of oxygen.

Moreover, classes include gentle movements that help with the baby’s sense of orientation to increase the chances of the baby being in the correct position during delivery. Neelam puts a lot of emphasis on the pelvic floor and the muscles around the pelvic girdle as this group of muscles becomes the point of stabilization, the centre of gravity and the core of balance. Prenatal classes are open to partners as well, exercises are done in tandem to facilitate and support the woman’s journey, in breathing exercises and postures. We will also keep an open and honest channel of communication to prepare couples for the birthing process and to foster an understanding relationship during this period of transformation.

For more information, feel free to contact Neelam and for yourself, your baby and your partner!
Prenatal Yoga by Neelam Harjani


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