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Being seated for extended periods causes tightness in the hips that can lead to chronic pain, here is how to release tension around the hips, legs and back

Check out this vlog from one of the most experiences yoga teachers on Team Inspire.

Enjoy the techniques, they are gentle and so effective โ€“ open to all ages, get the whole family involved!

Sometimes the simplest answers are the most effective

Thirsty? Drink water

Feeling blue? Smile ๐Ÿ˜Š

Exhausted? Get some sleep

Tense? Do Yoga!

This series of 5 videos starts from basic warm up stretching to sequences that test your agility, coordination and control.

Gentle, simple and highly effective yoga poses to reduce pain in the hips and knees

Challenge your hip flexibility by slowly stretching the hip flexors, Open the back in a twist pose

Variations of downward dog and lunge pose

Let go of tightness around the back, hips and legs

Add coordination and balance to your yoga practice for fluid movements

Here are some guidelines when practicing yoga on your own:

  1. Start with the warm up of gentle mobilizations that is grounding, strengthening and fluid
  2. Breathe evenly and deeply in and out when you hold strong poses
  3. Activate large muscle groups to stabilize before deep stretching
  4. Add twist poses to massage the spine and release stiffness around the hips and back
  5. Focus on longer slower exhalations when you are stretching
  6. Bring evenness of right and left side, notice which side is tighter
  7. Combine strength and flexibility to cater to what your body needs

Hope you loved the mini-series and can start to develop your own self practice, while we are at home letโ€™s take this opportunity to prioritize self-care gain a deeper awareness of our breath, body and mind.



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