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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Fighting fatigue? Restorative yoga combines elements of deep stretching and calming techniques to achieve sustained and balanced energy levels. Igniting the body’s natural healing mechanisms is achieved by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and lowering the stress responses. The personalized sequences and private setting help you fully relax and switch off the mental rumination to allow an accelerated gain in flexibility through held poses and fascia tension release.

Our team of teachers are trained in Restorative yoga practices, which are designed to decrease stress levels and increase relaxation. Free and light movements coordinated with your breathing and deep stretching will help to prevent the body from transforming any stress into physical tension. Each class will close with a guided relaxation and deep breathing exercises to feel weightless in the body and centered in the mind. The program increases flexibility by slowly relaxing into each stretch and using calming breathing techniques to reduce mental chatter and physical agitation.

Restorative Yoga Objectives

  • Release stiffness from muscles accumulated from years of tension and overuse
  • Relax the mind and body in a conscious manner and guide your subconscious mind through visualizations.
  • Energetically engage with a slow-paced practice focused on the subtleties of the breath and body
  • Find comfort in holding deep stretching poses through relaxation techniques to elongate muscles
  • Improve range of motion and posture by releasing the root of chronic stiffness
  • Learn basic meditation techniques that incorporate centering the mind on the breath.
  • Gain awareness of stress levels by watching your breath and shift to a more relaxed frame of mind.
  • Experience deeply restorative poses for your muscles and connective tissues, releasing any blockages of energy.
  • Restore nervous system and adrenal glands to a harmonized balance through committed practice.

Restorative Yoga Packages


HK$ 6,700
  • Valid for 3 months


  • Valid for 6 months


HK$ 21,500
  • Valid for 12 months

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