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When you move in and out of a posture, engage your mind as well as your body. Concentrate on the posture, the stretch and the feeling the asana brings to you. The postures have a much greater effect when done with mindfulness and focus. Moving slowly and rhythmically gives your mind a better chance to concentrate on the stretch and on the stillness of your body during the asana.  If you have complete concentration throughout your exercises you will benefit from them far more than if you do them casually. This notion can be extended to all aspects of your life.

Yogic philosophy stipulates that a change in our mental state leads to a change in our external conditions. Thus, by improving our thought quality we are able to improve the position we find ourselves in. It is important to bring about more positive energy and positive thoughts attracting positive circumstances because it is our thoughts that determine our happiness and quality of life.

During a yoga class, we are forced to remain in the present, staying with our breath and the stretch. Every time our minds wonder off to things to do in the future or things that have happened in the past we lose out on the present moment. The more we remain in the present the more we can effectively commit ourselves to what we are currently facing bringing about improvements for yourself and others around you. As you concentrate your effort to the now you will find remarkable results in the efficacy of your work.

Through yoga, you can not only develop your body but also acquire improved mental capabilities. For example, if you have an important task to complete, you may experience anxiety when confronted with a strong desire to do well to the point where it overwhelms you and you spend more time worrying about what would happen if you don’t succeed rather than planning and doing the task at hand. When regularly practicing relaxation and mental centering techniques in yoga you will discover an attitude that allows you to concentrate on each moment that occurs rather than focusing on a past error or fear of failure of a future one. Whether you plan to compete in a challenge or simply to enrich your life with new skills, the strength and flexibility of your body will enable your mind to have greater thought control and agility; the creative focused thinking will help you attain your goal in new and rewarding ways.

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