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A Personalized System of Self Healing, Overcome, Tightness, Weight Loss, Tension, and Tiredness

Inspire Yoga was born out of Neelam Harjani’s mission of teaching an authentic and holistic framework to ease the stress of Hong Kong lifestyles, to bring balance to both body and mind. Understanding that each person is different Inspire Yoga is rooted in a personal connection to providing bespoke solutions that exactly meet your needs. It’s our passion to motorize individual journeys of peace and freedom. We overcome anxiety, chronic tension and stress-related illnesses using personalized yoga sequences and meditation techniques. Our clients naturally and mindfully connect with their own gift of self-healing mechanisms through our programs, are you ready to empower your personal well being?

What will You learn with Inspire Yoga?

The practice of yoga and mindfulness that is systematically structured for your needs to achieve your goals

  • Align posture to relieve chronic pain.
  • Stabilize joints for freedom of movement.
  • Gauge stress levels and reverse constriction mechanism.
  • Breathe away tension for more restful sleep.
  • Practice exercises that boost concentration and focus.
  • Appreciate meditation as a tool for self-care.
  • Synchronize body and breathing rhythms with a calm and clear mind.
  • Create a lifestyle change that will inspire others towards optimal balance.

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Our teachers have training and expertise in dealing with specific injuries, health conditions, fitness goals, and therapeutic needs.

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