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Private yoga classes are designed to help you improve your movements so you play the activities that you enjoy better and for longer, be it golf, basketball or ballroom dancing! Many of our clients use their yoga classes as a way to maintain their lifestyle, so that they aren’t faced with the physical pains of aging and can stay in the game, perfecting each stroke and actually getting better with time.

For asymmetric racket sports such golf, squash, tennis and badminton it is important to neutralize the load and adjust posture so that the dominant side does not become stiff and lopsided, strength and endurance training on the non-dominant side will help to maintain good form and ensure better mobility on the court.

For endurance sports such as football, rugby, basketball flexibility is a key component. Many star athletes have advocated the importance of their yoga routines to bring more agility which helps with injury prevention. When the body is able to move more freely then sportsmen have a much greater range of motion to add as their strategic advantage. With continuous repetitive movement there is a risk on muscle tightness which can cause tearing of hamstrings, ACL injury, and ankle displacement.

Back pain often results with stiffness in conjunction with weight bearing twists, causing spinal disk degeneration, bulging and nerve impingement, this is especially common around L4-L5 and most prone in golf players. Balancing spinal rotations with twists helps to enhance blood circulation to the spinal column and gentle arches helps to protect the spinal vertebra by strengthening the core belt and back muscles that keep the disks in place.

The main factor to any sport is fitness, yoga addresses this through training lung capacity in breathing techniques and pranayama. When we focus on our breath we are able to relax the mind and not get feverish about scoring the next point, and when you can count on your fitness so that you don’t run out of breath you can rest assured that the next goal will be yours! Breathwork improves cardiovascular health and effectively reduces blood pressure which is a key ingredient for longevity and healthspan.

It is important to take the guidance of a trained and qualified yoga teacher, we offer classes one on one in the comfort of your own home and scheduled at your convenience. Our private yoga classes are aimed to study what your body’s asymmetries and compensations are to exactly correct them with a combination of strength, stamina and flexibility. We help to uncover blind spots that you may not be aware to find better balance, with a trained eye you will discover what it feels like to have both legs equally strong, both shoulders equally relaxed and all 6 directions of the spine equally mobile, since everyone is different we take the time, care and attention to sculpting and designing a program that suits your exact needs, for more information feel free to book your free consultation here.

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