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We are all conscious beings, but how many of us live in consciousness? Are you aware of your own thoughts? Do you get carried away with your emotions? Are you present to your surroundings or lost in your inner world? Our minds are so sophisticated we tend to go along with the ebb and flow of our stream of thought not realizing that we are greater than this current. When we are just with ourselves, our breath, our energy we feel a deep sense of connection and vitality, this is the point that yoga is reaching. We do poses and breathing exercises to eventually silence the mind and connect with our innermost energy, our life force, this brings us the peace and fulfillment that we go on searching in the outside world. But somehow we get stuck, fixating on the benefits yoga has on the body many of us aren’t able to explore deeper and access is deeper value. Our breathing and mediation program is designed to bring you to a state where you are functionally optimally in every aspect of life, you work with efficacy and efficiency without getting affected by stress or tension. You will be able to be relaxed, aware and focused whether on personal or professional matters.


Breathing Yoga Can Brings You to a State of Calming & Relaxing Mind

This has a knock on benefit to all your relationships, how would your spouse respond if your were fully aware and gave your total presence every time you had a conversation with them? How would your objectivity at work be if you could stay relaxed and focused on each target yet completely aware of changing circumstances? How would your children react knowing they can turn to you and you will give them your undivided attention always instead of drifting off into a world of worries? It would be wonderful to operate from a place where we practice presence in our daily lives. As all things to become proficient with mindfulness requires one must practice until this way of being becomes an ingrained habit. We are not trying to suppress our thoughts, instead the most important is to simply be aware of them and be the witness, each time you bring yourself back and stop entertaining the though you are reinforcing the feeling of being conscious as you are the subject and the thought is the object.

There are many mindfulness techniques available, find one that you resonate with, all of them require you to sit in a relaxed position keeping still with your back long and eyes closed. As you focus on your breathing feel the tactile sensations in your body, this will help keep your awareness on your breath rather than drifting with your thoughts. Take the seat of a witness, watch your thoughts spring up and allow them to pass by, every time you entertain a thought congratulate yourself once you have noticed yourself drifting and bring yourself back to the breath. Don’t force or judge yourself, just keep bringing your awareness back to the breath. It is this muscle we are training, to return to a conscious awareness, and not be ever fleeting with the barrage of stimuli from our thoughts, emotions and the outside world. Allow each meditation to last 10 minutes and watch as you practice consistently watch with awareness how spaces between your thoughts expand and you are left more and more with a peaceful connection to your prana, your vital energy source.

Contact us on info@inspire-yoga.com if you would like us to design your yoga program with elements of mindfulness so that you release tension from the body and dedicate your energy to cultivating a deeper sense of awareness.

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