Protect Your Spine With Yoga


The yogic ideal of movement encourages the body to move freely and increases your range of motion. By regularly practicing yoga postures you will begin to experience your spine and muscles becoming more supple thereby

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Feeling sluggish at work?


Feeling a dip in energy in the middle of the day is inevitable, especially when you already had your morning cup of coffee and wanted limiting caffeine is a new years resolution. Great news is

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The best breathing technique to reverse the effects of stress


How does stress affect our breathing? We experience stress as the 'fight or flight' response which is rooted in the emotion of fear stimulated it is governed by the limbic brain. This causes a physiological domino affect

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Corporate Wellness- Optimize your learning


Brain health is intrinsically connected to wellness. Do you feel like your mental sharpness is predetermined? Your intelligence and memory will fade over time? In this workshop we demystify the brain and mind to bring

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Develop Yourself and Save the World


We are excited to announce our Philanthropic Partner: EMpower Committed to making lasting changes their philosophy of giving back to society is about paying it forward rather than creating dependence on aid. It empowers those in

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Freedom From Stress Formula


Before we can solve the problem, first we have to understand what stress is and why we urgently need to learn about its role in our society. The Oxford dictionary definition of stress is: a

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Inspire Yoga Featured in the Press


Having come from a background of investment banking I saw my yoga practice as a time to dissolve tension from my body and release stress from my mind. I used to be a derivatives trader

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Corporate Wellness- How’s your posture at your desk?


    We spend so much time in front of our computers sitting, do you suffer from back pain as a result? Stiffness around your neck and shoulders? Poor blood circulation from the lack of

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Corporate Wellness- What happens with sleep deprivation?


Sleep is a fundamental to good health - but are we getting enough? In Hong Kong it is cited that 80% of the population are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is classified as getting 6 or

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