Protect Your Spine With Yoga


The yogic ideal of movement encourages the body to move freely and increases your range of motion. By regularly practicing yoga postures you will begin to experience your spine and muscles becoming more supple thereby

Protect Your Spine With Yoga2019-03-01T07:03:16+08:00

How 2020 Has Transformed Coporate Wellness


                          Big organizations have recognized that workplace wellness initiatives have had a significant improvement to business metrics, enhancing personal wellbeing enhances team performance.

How 2020 Has Transformed Coporate Wellness2020-12-14T00:19:36+08:00

Free Daily Meditations


  Win the Mind and You Win the World Are you feeling stressed out? Would you like more peace of mind? Are you ready to experience deep relaxation? Given the uncertainty, fear and pressure we

Free Daily Meditations2020-11-30T09:58:32+08:00

Inspire Yoga’s Online Program Improves Corporate Executive Mental Health


Today's article in the SCMP, Hong Kong's largest news publication, highlighted the importance of prioritising mental health for men. High achieving corporate executive, Brian Henderson, suffering from anxiety, high levels of stress, depression and insomnia,

Inspire Yoga’s Online Program Improves Corporate Executive Mental Health2020-11-16T14:23:40+08:00

Lower Inflammation with Ayurveda


Celebrity Health Coach Zora Benhamou interviews Neelam Harjani, Founder of Inspire Yoga to learn about Ayurvedic principles and the connection between stress, inflammation and aging. Discover breathing techniques to lower anxiety and principles of how

Lower Inflammation with Ayurveda2020-10-08T13:28:22+08:00

The secret to feeling balanced


  We feel scattered and confused when we are experiencing an inner conflict, you want to sit and meditate but your mind is all over the place, you are committed to your health but keep

The secret to feeling balanced2020-08-13T11:44:17+08:00

Turn a Setback into Something Positive


  What would it look like if we were grateful for our obstacles? If we could view challenges as opportunities to grow rather than points of resistance? Listen to this wonderful #podcastinterview in how entrepreneurs

Turn a Setback into Something Positive2020-08-18T08:43:09+08:00

How covid-19 brought me closer to my yoga mat


Having arrived back to Hong Kong from India a couple of days before the country went into a total lock down I feel so blessed to be home again. The journey back was one of

How covid-19 brought me closer to my yoga mat2020-07-15T11:23:48+08:00

Release tension around the legs, hips and back- video mini series


Being seated for extended periods causes tightness in the hips that can lead to chronic pain, here is how to release tension around the hips, legs and back Check out this vlog from one of

Release tension around the legs, hips and back- video mini series2020-04-15T06:16:54+08:00

Advantages & Benefits of Flexibility


It is common knowledge that yoga brings strength and flexibility. The importance of strength that yoga brings is accepted as developing your muscles to take the weight off your bones so your joints stay healthy

Advantages & Benefits of Flexibility2019-12-02T13:04:03+08:00

Success through Yoga


When you move in and out of a posture, engage your mind as well as your body. Concentrate on the posture, the stretch and the feeling the asana bring to you. The postures have a

Success through Yoga2019-11-25T11:39:51+08:00

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