Protect Your Spine With Yoga


The yogic ideal of movement encourages the body to move freely and increases your range of motion. By regularly practicing yoga postures you will begin to experience your spine and muscles becoming more supple thereby

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Turn a Setback into Something Positive


What would it look like if we were grateful for our obstacles? If we could view challenges as opportunities to grow rather than points of resistance? Listen to this wonderful #podcastinterview in how entrepreneurs use

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Advantages & Benefits of Flexibility


It is common knowledge that yoga brings strength and flexibility. The importance of strength that yoga brings is accepted as developing your muscles to take the weight off your bones so your joints stay healthy

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Success through Yoga


When you move in and out of a posture, engage your mind as well as your body. Concentrate on the posture, the stretch and the feeling the asana bring to you. The postures have a

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Hatha Yoga Poses – Inspire Yoga, Hongkong


The name ‘Hatha’ is made up of two Sanskrit roots: ‘ha’, which means the sun, and ‘tha’ which means the moon. In the science of hatha yoga, the right side of the body relates to

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Inspire Yoga – Prenatal Yoga by Neelam Harjani


Baby on the way? Neelam is a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor and can help ease away any worries you may have regarding pregnancy and the birthing process. During this very delicate time, the body is

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Sun Salutations | Suyra Namaskar


Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a series of 12 asanas that are done rhythmically synchronized with the breath. Surya Namaskar is a fundamental aspect of every yoga pose as it stretches and warms up

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