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“Self care is the cornerstone to good health”

Are you looking for a one-on-one private yoga session?
One that is tailored to your unique needs?

From professionals and executives to pregnant mothers, parents and kids, we offer a tailored solution for individuals at every stage of life. We focus on providing a personalized yoga solution, catered to your objectives to relieve any chronic tension, fatigue or anxiety.

Our personalized yoga programs are holistic, incorporating elements of mind and body connection through physical movements, breathwork and mindfulness coaching. Our highly-skilled instructors specialize in postural alignment, precise adjustments and individual variations to provide the perfect intensity to match your needs.

Despite being stuck at home, feeling tense, dull and restless we want to empower you to harness the control you have to improve your own vitality by giving you a practice that brings you freedom in movement and peace of mind. Our goal is to free you from stiffness, stress, and sickness and instead promote resilience and relaxation in today’s hectic world.

Instructor Online

We have launched our instructor online classes so that wherever in the world you are you can count on us to support you! Our expert team of teachers will meet you on skype at a time convenient for you to guide you through your very own personalized yoga program. Our step by step guidance and individual attention enables the program to be tailor made for you, empowering a confidence and precision for your individual practice of yoga postures, breathwork and meditation. Select any of the programs below and select for the online private yoga option to get started today!


A consistent personalized yoga practice is proven to have the following benefits

✓ Improved strength and flexibility
✓ Better Balance
✓ Improved coordination
✓ Lower Stress Levels
✓ Improved Posture
✓ Weight Loss
✓ Improved Concentration
✓ Enhanced Energy
✓ Improved Sleep Quality

We cater to you| We customize for you | We continue with you

Here are the frameworks we use to cater to your physical needs and optimize holistic well-being

Beginners Yoga

Adopting a traditional Hatha based approach of balance, strength and flexibility, Beginner’s Yoga is the perfect gateway to begin your practice at any age and push past a plateau in your progress. Our expert yoga instructors provide assisted stretching, hands on adjustments and postural alignments particularly focused on releasing tension and proper muscular engagement. Tailored around achieving proper posture, support and control using the Universal Principles of Alignment to ensure that you feel safe and empowered from your practice. Breathing techniques, deep relaxation and mindfulness are all practiced through the practice to release stress from body and mind.

Stress Release Yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing way of practicing yoga. With the use of yoga props such as belts, blocks, blankets, bolsters and chairs, you will be able to achieve the correct form of the poses without using much muscular strength or resistance. This enables the student to hold poses for a greater length of time and facilitates a deep release. Restorative yoga helps to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. It is great for remedying jet lag, injuries and onset of colds or flu. It is also a beneficial way to practice yoga during the menstrual cycle or to help counteract the effects of a busy stressful lifestyle.

Back Care Yoga

Do you suffer from chronic back pain, whether from poor posture, injury, sciatica, scoliosis or a slipped disk? This therapeutic program is designed to relieve pain, tension around the spinal column, and strengthen the complementary core muscles. We focus on stabilization around the back muscles through gentle arches and chest openers to reverse the effects of a forward, rounded and slouched posture. Classes are slow-paced, with detailed focus on alignment and proper breathing. The result is improved strength and flexibility, pain relief, and relaxation. The program is structured to address postural misalignments along the back – addressing crucial balancing of weight and strength along the right and left side and the upper and lower back – to bring about a lengthening around the spine.

Tension Healing Therapy

Combining elements of functional mobilizations, joint stabilization and healing techniques this program relieves chronic tension, rehabilitates injuries, and manages symptoms of stress-related illnesses. Our expert yoga therapy instructors tailor sequences that safely guide you step by step to experience progress and improve the range of motion for acute tension areas such as back pain, knee injuries, neck spondylitis and frozen shoulders. Movements are synchronized with breathing techniques to establish an environment of trust, focus, and emotional stability for adults and children.

Breathing And Meditation

The antidote to Hong Kong’s frenetic life and work culture, meditation and breath awareness help to relax your mind & body. This program will allow you to give yourself time to productively melt away layers of stress and anxiety built up from our urban lifestyles. Meditation techniques focuses our mind on the sound and rhythm of our breath allowing us to achieve a state of silence and peace of mind. By striving to eradicate the whirlwind of thoughts in our mind we better equip our mental faculties towards rational, logical and creative intelligence. Meditation helps to clear our mind and any emotional baggage that we might be holding to achieve a state of calm and steady concentration.

Pre natal And Post natal Yoga

The number one recommended practice by doctors during pregnancy, yoga helps to prevent incontinence, reduce abdominal separation, and ensure a safe delivery. Carefully designed to develop with mother and baby, the class structures differ during each trimester to provide you with a healthy and supple spine, lower body and core strength to carry the growing weight, and pelvic floor exercises to prepare for the birthing experience. Our expert prenatal yoga teachers will listen and guide you at each stage to balance your energy and connect to the gift of motherhood. Postnatal classes continue to bring the body back to shape, support relaxation, and readjust postural alignments

Family Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to spend quality family time, reinforcing the value of health and personal growth, bringing children, parents and grandparents together for this shared activity. Personal care, support and attention allows for everyone to benefit from improved posture, enhanced calming mechanisms and a greater range of motion in a fun and relaxed setting at home. Children increase their co-ordination, self-awareness and confidence while they stretch and strengthen their bodies and imaginations. The private yoga practice allows a time to slow down, this is extremely helpful for those prone to asthma, ADHD and for emotional regulation. Perfect for couples to savor quiet time together, mother daughter classes and kids yoga, families with children from 4 years to teenagers are welcome to can enroll in this program.

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We cater to you| We customize for you | We continue with you